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Carriage Bolt


Carriage Bolt is also called Coach Bolts in certain countries. Carriage Bolts (Coach Bolts) possess a round, dome shaped head usually twice the diameter of the collar. Carriage Bolts (Coach Bolts) also has a square collar underneath.

Carriage Bolt

Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) does not have a slot on the top of the head for a screwdriver to drill on.


The square collar underneath the Carriage Bolt(Coach Bolts) is used to fit into a predrilled hole (which is likely to be squared) that would hold the Carriage Bolt(Coach Bolts) in place while the bolt is tightened from the other end with a nut and a wrench.


Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) are usually made with galvanized steel and zinc plated coating but situation varies.

Carriage Bolt

Some Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) are made with stainless steel.

Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) are used mainly in furniture.


Timbers are secured with Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) to maintain a firm yet smooth touch to the furniture.

Using Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) has an added safety value since the head is not accessible with a tool.


It is, however, to select the correct nut for the Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) so it does fit together.

Carriage Bolt

Other aspects of the Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) that a customer should be aware of is the length and the width of the Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts).


The length of the Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) should be long enough to fasten the work piece but not protruding too much at the other end.


Since the hole is predrilled, the incorrect size of the bolt will either make the Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) too large to fit into the hole or too little for the square collar to hold the Carriage Bolts(Coach Bolts) in place while applying the nut.




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