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Decking Screw


Decking Screws, as the name suggests, are mostly used, but not limited to, in fastening decks. Decking Screws are designed to perform best in outdoor environments, such as on decks or fences.

Decking Screw

Decking Screw needs to withstand harsh exterior environments and corrosion, drive into the decks easily, and also create a smooth finish on the surface.
One of the more popular Decking Screw head is the countersunk head.
These countersunk heads are able to make the surface of the deck look smooth while making less splitting when driven through the deck.

Decking Screw

Another Decking Screw head is the cylindrical head that can also be flushed on the deck and eliminates splitting.
The popular head slot for Decking Screw is the star or the square because it helps hold the screw in place and reduces stripping when fastening into decks. But some prefer the Square Drive Decking Screws.
One of the key features of a Decking Screw is the angle of the screw point. Decking Screws are created with sharp, narrow threads on the tip to drill in with minimal effort so no predrill hole is required.

Decking Screw

Another feature is the shank of the Decking Screw. The first kind is a Decking Screw with smooth shanks to create a better drive in experience. The second kind, which is on Composite Board Screws, is with a reversed thread to make it harder to pull out or loose grip while fastened in decks. Corrosion resistance is the most important feature of a Decking Screw. Some different materials, such as ceramic-coated, stainless steel, or copper are utilized to purposely resist corrosion.




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