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Machine Screw


Machine Screws are, as its name suggests, on machines or electronics. The one give away which a person can determine if the fastener is a Machine Screw is by looking at the tip of the screw.

Machine Screws

Machine Screws are fully threaded to the tip but not tapered. Normally, Machine Screws are fine threaded because it is used to fasten on metal rather than wood.

Sometimes nuts are required to hold the Machine Screw in place.

Machine Screws come in various kinds of shapes and sizes, from the head type, slot type, length, and thread pitch, to the material of the screw.

One of the most common slot types for the Machine Screw is the Philips or the Torx drive.

Machine Screws

Some other specialty Machine Screws such as Security Screws have unique slots like the snake eyes or the one way.

The head of the Machine Screws are sometimes made to be flat headed to create a flush surface.

Some require the head to be pan or button so that it is easier to locate the fastener.

The different thread pitch and diameter corresponds to ISO standards, which is easier for buyers to purchase the desired product

Machine Screws

Machine Screws are relative smaller than the normal screws but can still go up to certain sizes and length.

Most phones, eyeglasses, computer, hard drive and other electronics are held together with Machine Screws.

Machine Screw is normally made with zinc-plated carbon steel but different material such as titanium, aluminum, steel, or plastic is also being used.

 In certain conditions, machine screws are also made to be non electrical conductive.




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