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Roofing Screw


Roofing Screw, as its name suggests, are used mostly on roofs. The different aspects of the Roofing Screw provide better weather resistance than other screws.

Roofing Screw

First, Roofing Screws are mostly made with a hex washer head. This type of head will be useful when it is drilled into the sheet metals on the roof to provide an even grip on the washer that is inserted under the head.

Roofing Screw with Sela Washer

The second key part is the washer inserted underneath the hex washer head.

Some of the more common types of washer that Roofing Screws are paired up with are EPDM rubber washers, bonding washers, or umbrella washers.

When the Roofing Screw is fastened onto an object, the hex washer head presses the washer onto the object. The flattening of the washer, with the correct force, will create a seal, which will make water impenetrable from the top of the Roofing Screw.


The coarse thread that helps hold the sheet metal roof and the wood or metal stud that the Roofing Screw fasten into.

The next is a self-drilling point at the end of the Roofing Screw. Since roofs are mostly made with sheet metals, Roofing Screws are made to penetrate thin sheet metals and the material that it fastens the roof onto.

Roofing Screw with Sela Washer

The last key is the type of color that Roofing Screws come in. Roofing Screws mostly made in zinc or yellow zinc coatings. These will give the roofing screws a better resistance to corrosion. However, a good amount of buyers will purchase a more protective coating such as mechanical galvanized (C3, C4).

Roofing Screw with Sela Washer

Some customers request a certain type of color coating on the head of the Roofing Screw to match the color of the sheet metal. Ray Fu Enterprise can match the color required to the international color chart to create the color that you need.




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